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Spa Aqua Comb - Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool

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Spa Aqua Comb pool water filter cleaning tool is a must have for your spa! Used by both professional pool and spa cleaners and homeowners the Spa Aqua Comb is a fast, easy way to clean your spa and larger swim spa filters. The Spa Aqua Comb is designed with short fingered pic-combs that opens and scrubs the shallow pleats in your spa filter. The pic-combs also allows water to spray and reach impurities in your filter such as bugs, softened oils or other debris that accumulates. 

The Aqua Comb is easy to use and you will no longer dread cleaning out your spa or swim filter!


  1. Attach the Spa Aqua Comb to water hose
  2. Spray spa filter with filter cleaner; let the cleaner sit for 5-minutes to break down bio-matter, scented and body oils
  3. Turn on water, insert Spa Aqua Comb into the filter, start at top of filter and work comb downwards allowing water to flush down to the bottom
  4. Pull the Spa Aqua Comb out, rotate the filter half the comb width repeating step 3 until two filter cleaning rotations are completed
  5. Filter cleaning is now finished. Shut off water and return filter to housing