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Regal Calcium Plus (8 kg)

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Regal Calcium Plus increases the calcium hardness in swimming pool water. The addition of Regal Calcium Plus prevents corrosion of metal surfaces and erosion of pool surfaces. Calcium Plus will help protect plumbing, equipment and pools surface. Proper calcium levels are a key component to water balance and will ensure better comfort for swimming pool bather's. 



To achieve maximum balance of pool water, your pool water's calcium hardness should be between 200 - 300 parts per million (ppm). 

  1. Check calcium hardness using a testing kit. The ideal recommended level is 200-300 ppm. 
  2. To increase calcium hardness by 10 ppm, dissolve in a bucket of water 120 g of Regal Calcium Plus per 10,000 L of swimming pool water. 
  3. Add mixture to pool water. 
  4. Check calcium hardness levels regularly and make necessary adjustments.