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Natural Chemistry Scalefree (2 L)

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Natural Chemistry Scalefree is a phosphate free stain and scale prevention liquid. Scalefree protects swimming pools from the harmful effects of scale build-up and staining dur to excessive iorn, copper, calcium and other minerals. Scalefree is compatible with all pool surfaces and can be used with any sanitizing system. 

Natural Chemistry Scalefree also works well to maintain salt gernerator cells by reducing scale formation. 



  1. Following recommended dosage chart found below, directly add "Initial Dosage" of Scalefree to swimming pool water. 
  2. If water hardness level is above 500 parts per million (ppm), double the recommended dosage. 


Monthly Maintenance:

  1. Following the inital dosage treatment, in order to maintain scale and stain protection, add Scalefree monthly to swimming pool by adding the recommended dosage according to the dosage chart. 



Pool Size  Initial Dosage  Monthly Dosage
38,000 L (10,000 Gallons) 946 mL (32 oz) 148 mL (5 oz)
75,700 L (20,000 Gallons) 1.89 L (64 oz) 296 mL (10 oz)