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Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry Coverfree (946 mL)

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Natural Chemistry Coverfree liquid solar blanket is an invisible barrier that saves energy and conserves water by decreasing evaporation and heat loss. Coverfree's advanced technology forms on the pool water surface. Even on windy days or when the surface water is disturbed, it reforms the liquid barrier to protect from energy loss. 



  1. Shake product Vigorously. 
  2. Weekly, with circulation system running, add 120 mL per 63 m2 (75,000 L) of surface area. Larger oversized cap = 120 mL

Note: Skimmer application is preferred, however, Coverfree can be added directly to swimming pool water. Reapply after heavy bather load due to splash out/drag out loss, overflow drains, or after heavy rain due to dilution.  

Important: Pool circulation system must be running for either Coverfree application.