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    Spa Life pH Plus (750g)

    Spa Life pH Plus (750g)

    Raise pH levels Spa Life pH Plus is the perfect solution for all of your low-pH problems. It’s specially formulated to raise the pH levels in hot tub water and keep it stable. It helps restore balance to get that perfect soapy feeling that defines...

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  • Spa Life Buffer (750g)

    Spa Life Buffer (750g)

    Raises Total Alkalinity Spa Life Buffer, a simple and convenient product that raises Total Alkalinity in hot tubs, you can give your spa the boost of balanced water it needs! This easily-dissolved buffer will make quick work of alkaline levels — no...

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    Spa Life pH Minus (950g)

    Spa Life pH Minus (950g)

    Lowering pH and Total Alkalinity Spa Life pH Minus is the perfect solution. Their specially formulated product helps reduce the pH and total alkalinity levels of your hot tub. So that it's easy for you to maintain its ideal balance and you don't have to...

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    Spa Life Spa Brominating Granules (800g)

    Spa Life EZ Bromine Granules (800 g)

    Brominating Disinfectant Granules We know how important it is to keep your hot tub clean and healthy. That's why Spa Life created their all-in-one brominating granulars for quick, easy sanitization and oxidation in the convenience of one single product...

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    Spa life brominating tablets 750g used for sanitizing hot-tub water

    Spa Life Bromine Tablets (750 g)

    Brominating Disinfectant Pucks   Spa Life Brominating Pucks are the perfect choice for disinfecting spa, and hot tub, water. These easy-to-use tablets provide the same effectiveness as chlorine but works better with higher hot tub temperatures while...

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    Aqua Cover Cleaner 1L cleans and deodorizes pool covers, solar blankets, and water bags.

    Aqua Cover Cleaner (1 L)

    Cleaner for Tile, Chrome, and Vinyl Is your cover covered in dirt and debris? Get your cover looking sparkling clean with Aqua Cover Cleaner 1L! Aqua's cleaner is designed specifically to clean composite and vinyl pool covers. It quickly cuts through...

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    Aqua filter free 1 L is a filter cleaner and scale remover for swimming pool and hot tub filters

    Aqua Filter Free (1 L)

    Filter Cleaner & Scale Remover Aqua Filter Free 1L is an efficient solution to restore dirty filters. Containing a special solvent, this formula can emulsify oil and mineral scale deposits from elements in order for the filter to maintain its...

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  • Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect (1 L)

    Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect (1 L)

    Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect is the perfect cleanser to reduce filter cleaning, pesky scum lines, or cloudy water. Spa Perfect's SMARTZyme™‚Äč technology reduces unwanted non-living organic contaminants such as: body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions,...

  • Regal Spa Oxy Clear Shock (850 g)

    Regal Spa Oxy Clear Shock (850 g)

    Regal Spa Oxy Clear Shock is a fast acting, completely soluble, chlorine-free shock treatment for spas using chlorine or bromine.  Oxy Clear Shock performs effectively as a shock treatment in reducing organic contaminents in spa water. It also...

  • Natural Chemistry Clean & Perfect

    Natural Chemistry Clean & Perfect

    Natural Chemistry Clean & Perfect is the perfect cleaner for the toughest jobs! Clean & Perfect uses SMARTZyme™ technology that will remove buildup from non-living organic contaminants that contribute to waterline rings in swimming pools...

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